The Best Laptops to Use For Business – Graphic Design


If you are a graphic designer by trade or just in your free time, you need a laptop or notebook computer that will work with your art.  You must choose a laptop that has the appropriate hardware to run industry software smoothly and quickly.  Within the graphic design field, many people choose Dell and Apple laptops.

However, there are many attractive options out there for laptops that will perform well in the graphic design field.  Here are some issues you may want to take into consideration when looking for a business laptop.

But without having to shock away the affray, here are some key components you might desire to take into concern when selecting the very best laptop for graphic design:

Screen Resolution of Laptop

The resolution of a laptop’s screen has little to do with the size of the screen. However, since you’re going to be working and looking at the screen frequently, you should aim to buy a laptop with a screen of at least 15.4 inches.  Do a test to see what resolution you are comfortable working at.  If it is too different from your normal screen resolution, a new computer may affect the outcome of your art.  Open your image editing software and see how it works in the new computer.

If you cannot find a laptop with a screen you like, you can try buying a monitor and hooking the laptop up as a workaround to the problem.  It’s more expensive, but may save you a headache in the end.

System RAM

As a graphic designer, you need an ample amount of RAM to run Photoshop and other image editing software.  You should always have at least 2 GB of RAM as a starting number.  If you’re a serious multitasker, you should increase the amount of RAM you’re looking for.  Four GB of RAM is an ample amount for everyone, and it is the biggest amount you can get with most laptops on the market today.

Laptop CPU – Processor

You need a powerful CPU processor when you work in graphic design.  If you are doing vector design, the computer must handle many complex calculations very quickly.  A strong and fast CPU is a must for this kind of work.  Buy a laptop with multiple high-end processing cores, like an Intel Duo or Intel Duo 2.

Graphics Card

You graphics card needs to be very high-end.  The graphics card that is installed in computers when you buy them will not suffice—you will need a graphics card installed on your new computer with 64-256 MB of memory and a dedicated video card so that you do not lose speed and efficiency on your new laptop.  The best laptops you can buy for graphic design work are laptops with graphics cards that have their own separate memory.

Your Laptop and You

As a graphic designer, you must think of your laptop the same way an artist thinks of his or her materials.  The laptop you use will seriously affect your art, so you must choose one that suits your personal needs.  Consider each of these different aspects before you choose a laptop.

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